From Syria With Love (Yara)

Yara and her cooks, From Syria With Love.

Yara and her cooks, From Syria With Love.


From Syria, with Love: food for the soul... coming from the heart  

"It all began with a dream, a dream to change the perception of the word "Syria." A word that has flooded the media and people's minds to the extent that it always brought a negative connotation. Rarely did anyone know anything about Syria prior to the war. I couldn't stand the pity and sad eyes when I told people I was from Syria. There had to be a way to show the hidden gems of Syria, the gems the Syrian people had brought with them from across the Mediterranean".

Back in September 2016 Yara Al Adib, a design consultant, came across Abeer, Ahlam en Sabah who had a lot more than the words Syria and refugee; they shared a passion: cooking Syrian food with love. It was not long before this passion become a social enterprise called "From Syria with Love": a social catering company that aims to empower and give purpose to Syrian housewives who now call Belgium home. 

Its mission is not just to empower the women and tickle the tastebuds of the tasters; it's a bigger vision to blur the lines between the locals and the new comers.

What better place to taste Syrian food than at Driekoningenstraat, Antwerp"s most vibrant and cultural street?  Thanks to TOKO 139, the new creative startup hub of Creative Cities, including a cozy coffee shop, is allowing us to sell lunch* and dinner* twice a week [from September till december 2017] to our fellow neighbours in Berchem. 


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