D.A.S. (Ghalid)

Ghalid DAS.jpg

Born and raised in Belgium with North African roots Ghalid Mettioui grew up in suburban Antwerp fascinated by street culture, Art, Fashion and creativity after trying several creative disciplines (Dance, drawing and photography) and non-Creative disciplines (learning languages, IT consultant and IT Manager) he is ultimately going back to the root of his passion which is street culture, Art and Fashion. He founded D.A.S which stands for Dead Artist Society. D.A.S. is a label that believes in combining art and fashion, bringing art to the streets (instead of having people appreciating art in a museum) D.A.S. empowers debuting Artists by asking them to create their own tribute to one of their Idols and incorporate their creation in our clothing, accessories, etc.…D.A.S. also promotes the Artist on their website and social media. The Artist gets a personal page with his/her Bio and all the contact information.

D.A.S. strongly believes in giving back to society by means of Charity. So every product sold, there is a percentage of the contribution (revenue -cost -VAT) that will be gifted to Musicians Without Borders or War Child. Those are organisations that give aid to children in War zones by means of Art and Music (that’s why our slogan is: wear in peace). D.A.S. will be launched on the 29th o June 2018 and their fashion items will be available in our creative hub & concept store TOKO139!

Creative Cities has selected Ghalid as one of the 3 starters to be mentored in the EOI Coworking site in Murcia, within the ESF initiative EOI European Coworking mentorship program during our Spring edition of 2018.


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